Remodeling Your Kitchen? Here’s Why You Need an Electrician.

HomeBlogRemodeling Your Kitchen? Here’s Why You Need an Electrician.

You’re ready to embark on the kitchen remodel you’ve been planning for weeks. You have a design in place and a contractor ready to handle the rest. But if you don’t have an electrician ready to work on your remodel, you’re missing a vital member of your renovation team. Here’s what an electrician can help you with as you put the finishing touches on your dream kitchen:

  • Island pendant lighting—Pendant lights hanging over your island give character and functionality to this highly used space. If your island doesn’t have the wiring for lights above it, an electrician can come in and, not only add wiring, but also install the new lights.

Remodeling Your Kitchen? Here’s Why You Need an Electrician.

  • Cabinet lighting—Installing lights on top of, under, and inside your cabinets is one of the little things you can do to make your kitchen that much better. For example, a little extra light shining down on your counters from your cabinets is helpful when you’re cooking or focusing on a project.
  • Electrical circuits—Have you thought about installing a dedicated circuit for your kitchen? Between your fridge, dishwasher, microwave, and oven, a dedicated electrical circuit for your kitchen can prevent surges and other issues when you use all these appliances.

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