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Make sure your home is safe with electrical panel upgrades.

All throughout our homes, technology is rapidly changing the things we use every day. Newer and additional televisions or appliances can mean we are using more electricity than we once did. If you haven’t evaluated your electrical usage lately, you might need electrical panel upgrades. Let us here at Mabe’s Electrical and Home Improvement consult with you about the best steps for your home. Your safety and quality of life are top priorities for us.

Electrical Panel Upgrades in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Is your home older? The electrical work in your home may need updating. Electrical panel upgrades are available in older homes. These days, your home needs more amperage to run certain appliances than it once did. Older homes could run appliances and devices off 60 amps and be fine with the original electrical panel. However, today’s electrical panels require about 200 amps to run your appliances efficiently without breakers turning off or needing wires replaced. Not having the right upgrades for your electrical panel can cause flipped switches, power outages or even electrical fires. Electrical panel upgrades ensure your home or commercial property is safe from these types of electrical issues.

Are you worried your home or business in the Winston-Salem, North Carolina area needs some upgrading or other electrical work? Call us today to get a consultation from one of our specialists to make sure your home or business is safe. Our team has years of knowledge and experience and is standing by to help you.

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